Sailor Jerry Style Cushion & Throw Set

These cushion & throw sets are are great for the bench-seat of your favourite classic car as a stand out at show n shines, to keep warm in the winter months, or to add a unique touch to your home.

The Cushions - The original artwork is professionally printed on a medium upholstery fabric with a soft fleece backing and slip-style opening. Cushions are sewn to approx. 41cm and can be purchased with or without inserts. Note: Slips are simply removed for ease of washing. 

The Throw - The original artwork is professionally printed on a gorgeous chenille fabric, backed with soft fleece. Throws are sewn to approx. 135cm x 90cm.

Disclaimer: Each WES piece is original and hand-made and may differ slightly from the image shown. Out of stock items requiring custom making will take approx. 21 days on top of usual dispatch.