Hello from Zoë @ Well Educated Sailor

December 23, 2017 1 Comment

Hello from Zoë @ Well Educated Sailor


How ya doin’?


My name is Zoë and I am the founder/ owner/ operator of Well Educated Sailor. 


Just so you can put a face to the name…here’s a pic of me boxing up orders in the Gallery. 

'Zoë in the Gallery'

WELL EDUCATED SAILOR creates original art and design pieces, which celebrate the unique aesthetic famously found in the cars, stars, music and fashion of mid-century culture. 


'Well Educated Sailor - Front Window'

The main arm of the business is in the creation of custom drawings of classic cars, which are then used to create a range of original design items:

  • framed prints;
  • canvases, banners and metal signs;
  • adult tees, kids tees and onesies;
  • customised bench-seat cushions and throws;
  • kitchen accessories, such as pinnies, tea towels and oven mits;
  • ladies accessories, such as headbands, bows and bags; and
  • lampshades. 

'Dream On - Print'

A year ago I quit my career as a teacher to pursue my love of art and music. This business is the manifestation of the expression of my creativity.  

'Well Educated Sailor - Gallery interior'

Modern life is crazy. Don’t we all wish for a simpler time? …when being social meant dressing up & hanging out, cruisin’ around in beautiful cars, drinking shakes in milkbars, making out in drive-ins, listening to vinyl & dancing around.



WELL EDUCATED SAILOR harks back to a time when the leather jacket was iconic among Rockabilly/ Rock culture and viewed as a symbol of daring adventure, much like the pilot heroes who wore them during World War II.


All of our products are originally-designed, hand-drawn, printed and sewn right here in NSW, Australia.  

'Well Educated Sailor - Gallery Interior'


Whether its Wall Art, Wearable Art or Interior Design...

Think WELL EDUCATED SAILOR… it’s a toned-down kind of vintage kool.

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Janelle Adams
Janelle Adams

January 06, 2018

Yayyy to Zoe,
What a fantastic web site showcasing all your amazing art works.
Love your work, well done!! xxx

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